My experience with a Bathmate

I have been using a Bathmate Pump for quite some time now and I am so happy with the results that I had to share it with the rest of the world, or more precisely with the male part of the population. I am always looking for new news on penis extenders and that is how I stumbled upon this blogsite. I like the articles and I think that they are very objective. I asked the guys who run it if they would be interested in a testimonial and they said that they would appreciate it very much. So, here it is. Starting from the beginning.

I became aware that my penis is somewhat smaller than average in elementary school. It was the first time we had P.E. and we had to shower together afterwards. I was not nervous at all, but I went home crying that day. Namely, even at that small an age, boys like teasing other boys for pretty much everything and the size of the penis is a big deal (if you don’t mind the pun). They noticed that I was in possession of less than an average sized penis and it was a perfect thing to tease someone for.

My parents told me that I will grow more and that I am just developing slower than the rest of the boys. Unfortunately, they were not entirely right. Over the next few years, my penis did grow, but it was nothing spectacular. I still had a penis that was a bit on the smaller size and after a while, I realized that this was not going to change. I had to learn to live with it. Which is not a small task to do when you are a teenager.

During my teenage years, it was my main obsession. I avoided having sex with girls fearing what they would think of my penis. Everything would go great and then, when we were supposed to do it I would shy away and break up with the girl. And you all know what it is like when you are a teenager. The only thing you want is sex. And I couldn’t have any because of my worries about my penis.

In college, I relaxed a bit and decided that I will not let this destroy my relationships any longer. I finally slept with a girl and she didn’t mind it at all. It was such a relief that I felt like a new man. Still, we didn’t last long and the next few girls did have a bit of a problem with the size of my penis, not that they said anything, but I knew. I knew very well that my penis was not making anyone happy, especially me.

That is when I started looking for solutions on the internet and that is when I learned about bathmate pump. I decided to give one brand a try and I have never looked back. I was adamant that I would make it and I did everything they recommended. Even more. Instead of wearing it for 6 hours every day, I would put in at least 8 hours every day. After about half a year, the progress was apparent. I gained at least half an inch and after another six months, I was bigger more than an inch. You can read more about the Bathmate Hydro7 here.

It has been almost two years that I have been using my bathmate pump now and I have gained two inches, or around that much. It has done wonders for my confidence and I am no longer the least shy around girls. I have to say that it has also helped me satisfy the ladies with my bigger penis.