Jes Extender review 2019

Which man does not want to have a long and thick penis? Unfortunately not all men are well endowed when it comes to size of the penis. There are those who carry around heavy packages while others have tried a variety of methods to increase the size of the penis. The misfortune gets worse- many companies have taken advantage of the plight that has befallen these men. There are so many products that are purported to increase the size of the penis but sadly, only a few of them work properly.

How to go about penile augmentation

The Jes Extender is the secret to increasing the size of the penis. Since the year 1995, this device has been in production. Over the past, almost twenty years now, the device has helped hundreds of thousands of men to increase the size of the penis without must of a hassle. This device is one of the first of its kind to ever be created. Most of the others that are in the market have received a host of negative reviews. This is not the case with the Jes, it works in a really simple way.

Out of all the penis enhancement devices in the market, the Jes Extender has to be the most user-friendly of them all. All you have to do is attach it to the penis and will see to it that there is an extension in the girth and length of the penis. The biology behind the working of the device is not really necessary. It works relatively slowly by extending the penile muscles. When the muscles are extended the body will naturally fill them out through natural growth. When attached to the penis, the device is extended a few millimeters beyond the actual length of the penis.

Is their pain and damage to the penis?

Pulling the penis might sound a little bit painful and destructive. This is not really the case, when done in moderation. The Jes Extender works on the principle that the muscles in the penis are just like any other muscles in the body. When you train them, they will grow in size. If you do not have the extender you can also increase the size of your penis by pulling the head. However, the extender makes work easier for you. The stretching should not be too much such that you are uncomfortable. When using this extender, it may be slightly painful at first- pain that can be ignored. It also causes minute cracks on the skin area. With time these cracks are filled out as the muscles of the penis grow.

Other benefits of the device

The Jes Extender is not only about length and girth. It is one of those well improved products which is capable of correcting a myriad of physical penile problems. While the natural curve on the penis is not really a problem to most men, with the extender you can get rid of it.

The extender also helps in attainment of a better quality erection and this of course brings with it confidence in performance. The extender will improve the flow of blood into the penis which translates into the aforementioned harder erections.